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Our story with Veus is born from the meeting of two women passionate about the world of beauty, each one from her specialty. In this meeting, as we say, the upa met the chalupa, since we were both interested in entering the world of makeup and beauty for the Chilean public, for people like us who were looking for tools that will make it easier to apply makeup and make it friendlier and in fewer steps.

We formalized ourselves as a company the same year and began to project ourselves as a brand and thus our first products were born based on our life experiences, which led us to consider beyond the product itself. We seek to be a community where real people meet, with real skin and of different ages. A place where we are all welcome, a place to show our reflection without filters and be able to shine with makeup, with little makeup and if you want without makeup. #YouGlowGirl

We invite you to be part of Veus #beveus.