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At VEUS Spa. with address at Av. Las Condes 10465, office 208, Commune of Las Condes, Metropolitan Region, the personal and sensitive personal data of our consumers and potential consumers (hereinafter “personal data”) are treated in a strictly private and confidential manner. Therefore, the obtaining, processing, transfer and exercise of the rights derived from said personal data is done through appropriate, legitimate and lawful use, permanently safeguarding the principles of legality, consent, quality, information, proportionality, responsibility, loyalty and purpose.


At VEUS Spa we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal data and maintaining a close and active relationship with our clients and potential clients.

Therefore, below we expressly and limitedly indicate the data that we may collect from you as a client and potential client: Personal identification and contact data: -Name, paternal and maternal surname, sex, age, date of birth, address, zip code, telephone number, cell phone number and email.
– To comply with the legal relationship established with you derived from the acquisition of any of the VEUS brand products.
– To address complaints or recommendations regarding the use and application of VEUS products. Additionally, VEUS may process your personal data for the following different or secondary purposes, which are not necessary for the existence, maintenance and compliance of the legal relationship with its consumers, but which allow us to provide better service:
– Marketing, advertising, commercial prospecting, evaluation of our products and services. Respond to complaints made by consumers before the National Consumer Service. The refusal granted for the processing of your personal data for the different or secondary purposes previously indicated may not be a reason for us to deny the products or services derived from the acquisition of the products or services that you purchase or contract with us. Derived from the above, VEUS informs you that, in the event that you do not want your personal data to be processed for the different or secondary purposes specified in this document, we request that you send us an email to the address info@ in order for us to document this situation by registering it in our exclusion list called “Contacts who do not wish to send advertising.”

It is important to mention that, in the event that VEUS intends to use your sensitive personal data for the secondary purposes described above, prior to its treatment, it will request your express written consent in accordance with Law 19,628, otherwise it will not use of the same for these purposes. The personal data that you provide to VEUS will be processed exclusively for the purposes described; they will be treated confidentially and exclusively to the extent that they are strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected.


VEUS informs you that you may use mechanisms in remote or local means of electronic, optical or other communication technology; that allow various data to be collected automatically and simultaneously while you, as a consumer or potential consumer, make contact with them.
Cookies are those data files that are stored on the hard drive of your computer or a user's electronic communications device when browsing a specific Internet site, which allows the exchange of status information between said site and the user's browser. .

State information may in some cases reveal means of session identification, authentication or user preferences, as well as any other data stored by the browser regarding the Internet site. Web beacons are understood to be any visible or hidden image inserted within a website or email, which is used to monitor user behavior in these media.

Through these you can obtain information such as the source IP address, browser used, operating system, time at which the page was accessed, and in the case of email, the association of the previous data with the recipient. Specifically, VEUS spa may use cookies and web beacons when sending emails with information related to the brand since when you receive and, if applicable, read any of our emails, through these technologies we will be able to collect the Following data:

  1. i) Know whether or not you opened the email we sent you and;
  2. ii) Know whether or not you accessed the link(s) or URL(s) contained in the email. Likewise, we inform you that the data obtained through these technologies will be used exclusively for statistical purposes and review of results, without the possibility of transferring them to third parties. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. However, it is possible to configure any browser to prevent it from accepting cookies and thus prevent your computer or device from storing them. Some browsers have a special mode that ensures that cookies are deleted after a visit. Consult your browser's manual for the exact steps to activate the corresponding mode. You can delete cookies stored on your computer or device at any time. In this sense, to support it and to exemplify it, we establish the way in which cookies can be disabled in the Internet Explorer browser, which are as follows: i) Open the Internet Explorer browser on your computer.
  3. ii) Upon entering, click on the Tools button and then on Internet Options and
    iii) Then click on the Privacy tab, and then under Settings, move the slider all the way up to block all cookies or all the way down to allow all cookies, and then click OK.
    Before starting to browse our site, make sure that you have the hardware and software resources necessary for safe use of the Internet. to. Respectful use of the site Respect for the rights of other people is an essential condition to be able to use this site, so we remind you that any content you wish to publish on it may not show recent architectural items, advertising of creations, images of clothing designs on which the brand may appear (initials, logos, brand color codes, etc.). Content (including, but not limited to, photographs and videos) depicting minors will not be accepted on this Site.
  5. General obligations of the user We defend the values ​​of tolerance and respect for the rights of others. This is the reason why this site cannot be used as a vehicle for racist, violent, xenophobic, malicious, obscene or illegal proposals. This site does not accept or validate: The distribution of libelous, defamatory, unauthorized, malicious content, violating privacy or image rights, inciting violence, racial or ethnic hatred; Its use for political, promotional or proselytizing purposes; Post promotional or advertising content; Divert the Discussion Space from its intended purposes, including, but not limited to, Using it as a dating service; Distribute information or content capable of altering the sensitivity of young people; Carry out illegal activities, including, but not limited to, infringing rights regarding software, trademarks, photographs, images, text, video, etc.
  6. Specific Provisions for Certain Segments Various segments may be available to you on this site: Downloadable Content, Online Applications, User Content, Discussion Space, etc. (the “Segments”).

(iii) User Content: We may make available on this Site a space dedicated to User Content, such as text, photos, videos, etc. (“User Content”). Please keep in mind that by sending us User Content, you automatically grant us the right to use it in different forms and platforms, since by sharing it through this channel it becomes part of a public source of information. Without limiting the foregoing, you represent and warrant that you have obtained all necessary authorizations from all beneficiaries in the User Content in connection with such use on the social network.

Finally, you acknowledge and agree (and you confirm that you have informed and obtained all beneficiary agreements) that this content may be subject to “viral” communication (word-of-mouth communication) generated by the activity of different third parties. and unrelated to L'Oreal. The User Content that you post on this Site is entirely your choice and your sole responsibility. However, we remind you that User Content must not conflict with the law, morality and/or good customs, or with the rights of others. In this sense, we reserve the right to eliminate User Content that deviates from what is stated above at any time. Please inform us of any User Content that appears to be contrary to current legislation and/or the rules of good customs and/or the principles set forth herein and/or that infringes the rights of others, at the following address:

    to. The information about the products and services, the advice or diagnostic tools that have been made available to you on this Site are standard information on the basic and essential conditions for users in general and which, obviously, do not take into account the particular conditions or physical or health characteristics that you may present. The indicative information provided in no case replaces a medical diagnosis or clinical consultation, nor does it substitute medical treatment. For any additional information or in case of doubt, we recommend that you consult your personal doctor.
  2. Hypertext links: Hypertext links implemented on the Website may take you to websites published by third parties in which we do not control the Content. These hypertext links have been included on this Site in order to facilitate your Internet navigation; consultation of said third-party websites is entirely your choice and your exclusive responsibility. Furthermore, if you wish to create hypertext links to this Site, you must request our prior authorization at the following address:
  3. Cookies or cookies are small files that remain on your computer while browsing a website (such as the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) and that can be read during your visit to it. Web page. Cookies do not allow us to identify you and if you do not want them, you can block them by following the instructions of your own Internet browser. In our Privacy Policy, you can find more information about Cookies.
    The products and services offered on this site, unless a different way is indicated for particular cases or offers of certain goods or services, can only be paid with:
  5. a) Credit cards that are enabled.
  6. b) Debit Cards that are enabled
  7. c) Electronic transfer to the account specified for this purpose.
  8. d) Other means of payment that may eventually be accepted in the future, which will be informed in a timely manner on Charges for the form and opportunity of use of the cards and account mentioned in letters a, b and c, whether for interest, administration fees or any other type, taxes or others, which are different from the prices and rates informed on our site for the products/services that are the subject of the order request(s), will be governed by the conditions agreed between the user and their bank or card issuer/operator. Before choosing a payment method, be aware of the conditions of use of your card(s)/account(s).
  9. Delivery times: Delivery of the product(s) is committed within a maximum period of 7 business days. If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, it will be understood that the seventh day corresponds to the next business day.
  10. Delivery days: Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Deliveries are not made on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.
  11. Delivery locations: Delivery will be made to the address identified by the user in the order request. The customer undertakes to provide the exact address of his permanent address when ordering the products.


    d.1) They are not delivered to post office boxes;
    d.2) e. Logistics Delivery Operator – Instructions – Failed Delivery Attempts due to No One Being Found at the Address: The delivery is made by our authorized logistics operator, who has the instruction to deliver the product(s) to an identified natural person who is at the address indicated for the purposes of delivery. Therefore, if there is no one at home when you go to make the delivery, the operator will not leave the product(s) and will take them back to the Headquarters to make a second delivery attempt. If no one is at home on 2 occasions, the customer must contact our customer service call center to schedule a new delivery date (3rd occasion). If on this third occasion, no one is found at the home either, the client must coordinate with the customer service call center a new delivery date (4th occasion) which will have an additional cost equivalent to the price/rate informed in the site for this service, when requiring a fourth delivery attempt. Once the aforementioned request has been generated and the corresponding fee/price has been paid, shipping and delivery can be scheduled.

    F. Compliant Delivery: Upon receiving the ordered products, the customer must verify that the products are those purchased. If there are missing products, what was delivered does not match the products that are the subject of the purchase confirmation, the product is damaged, do not receive it and contact us by email at
    g. Contact by the user: It is important to leave a contact telephone number. Preferably mobile. All packages require a signature upon delivery.