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Set consisting of our four brushes specially designed to apply makeup to your face to perfection. The set is made up of the following brushes:

The face: Double brush specially designed so that with the larger side you can blend your foundation without leaving lines of product on your face! The density of the brush will help you have full coverage, and if you use it in circles you will have a more natural effect. The other side is perfect for concealer. Try to simulate the shape of your finger so that you can blend and apply your concealer without problems and reach all areas, even the smallest ones.

The Contour: This double brush is the infallible one to achieve a perfect contour. With angular side hair, arch your cheekbone and blend with its soft bristles upwards. And with the round side, apply your blush with gentle movements from the center of the cheek upwards. This way both products blend together and you will be left with a perfect and natural contour.

The dust: Our star brush for applying powder, as both sides are dome-shaped you will have much more precision when applying your products. The more compact brush is perfect so you can press your translucent powder and the looser brush is ideal for having a mark-free highlighter to highlight your features.

The Creams: this is the brush you need in your life, specially designed to be able to blend all the cream products with the smaller side and with the double fiber brush mix all your products for an incredible finish

Producto Vegano
Libre de Crueldad Animal
Aprobado por FDA y EU
Hecho en Italia